Zine Gallery

Zines can be about any topic and can be any size and shape. Here are some complete zines and excerpts of zines to share with your class. The creators of these zines have given permission for them to be posted here, but do not intend for these works to reproduced in any other way.

Pro Tip: Zines can feature diverse topics, so searching online for zines may yield results that aren’t suitable for the age group you teach. Always read through a zine first before sharing it with students. The zines on FromAtoZine.com are suitable for most ages.

Lurking Hard by Adán De La Garza

Adán De La Garza’s zines feature images from undeveloped rolls of film he finds at thrift stores.

coats4TEENS by Peter Bergman

Peter Bergman created a zine called Coats4Teens that captured interviews he had with teens experiencing homelessness while distributing coats to them.

Raw Fury by Peter Bergman

Peter Bergman uses his zines to share the work of fellow artists.